Oil Tank Searches / Tank Sweeps


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Terrific Tank Services oil tank sweep locationTerrific Tank Services oil tank sweep correctly locates tank

An oil tank search or sweep is a non-invasive process that will confirm whether or not an underground oil tank is present, and if so, where? The search can be performed without access to the interior of the home but for completion, access to the boiler area (typically in the basement) is required.

Our staff utilizes oil tank locating equipment which includes magnetometers, line tracers, probes and Ground Penetrating Radars.

Typically, a magnetic survey is conducted over the entire property using a Schonstedt Model GA-92XT flux-gate type magnetometer. The magnetometer utilizes two sensors that detect the magnetic field generated by ferromagnetic objects.




The difference in the magnetic field strength between the two sensors indicates a magnetic field generated by ferromagnetic objects. The presence of a difference in sensor reading indicates anomalous conditions that are manifested by a signal meter indicating strength and polarity.

When the entire property is scanned and no ferrous objects are found that do not require further inspection (large anomalies), a report can be provided.

How It Works

A Terrific Tank Services technician will arrive at your site. We typically start with the inside. The technician will enter the basement or furnace area of the dwelling and will look for patchwork in the foundation walls which is consistent with tank removal and other signs of tanks like you see below.

Outside lines heading to underground oil storage tank Oli Tank Assurance

Lines coming out of the floor heading to an underground storage tank. Part of the inside the house inspection.

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An old vent buried in a crawl space, the tank was under the floor.

Old septic tank found by Oil Tank Assurance

This picture shows an old septic tank. It was picked up since some of the septic tanks were made of steel or steel reinforced concrete. While this is a byproduct of our oil tank search, it is critical for us to find one since these can and most likely will eventually collapse.


Tank found with magnetometer and probe by Oil Tank Assurance

Tank found with and confirmed with probe.

NJDEP Contractor Registration #13VHO1565000 and #13VH0652440