Super Affordable Oil Tank Removal Services in Northeast New Jersey

Affordable Oil Tanks - Economical heating oil tank removal services New Jersey
A previously abandoned oil tank being removed.


Removing oil tanks since 1981All our projects offer you ‘not to exceed’ pricing on your oil tank if requested.

We take the time to put what things can come up during the oil tank removal process on your proposal. Our commitment is to be 100% honest and transparent throughout the entire process.

Sadly, some companies will attempt to under-bid by not including what could happen in their proposal. Unlike flat rate pricing, our not to exceed pricing guarantees a price cap, yet allows for the possibility of your job coming in even below our price estimate.

Our not to exceed pricing estimate may include items that turn out to be not needed.

Our costs for all the possibilities will be explained to you.

You will learn:

  • What if my tank is bigger?
  • What if it’s filled with water?
  • What if it has soil and sand which is not full of oil?
  • What if my tank leaks? I want to know exactly what it could cost.

Click here to find out why our ‘Guaranteed Not To Exceed’ price model is better than flat rate!

There are a number of reasons a property owner may look to have an oil tank removed including:

  • Natural gas conversion.
  • Installation of an above ground oil tank.
  • Preparing your home for sale If you’re selling your home. Terrific strongly recommends removing your underground storage tank when selling your home. We can manage this process affordably and with little disruption to you and your family.
  • Landscaping or a driveway project might trigger a heating upgrade.

Terrific Tank Services will manage the entire project from start to finish.

How do you do that?

Terrific Tank Services operates in a well defined geographic area within greater New Jersey and New York. Since 1981, the owner and his teams have completed environmental and construction related projects for over 20,000 satisfied clients.

NJDEPDo you want to know all the exact costs prior to removal? We will manage the entire project from start to finish. We are fully licensed by the NJDEP, bonded and insured.


Oil Tank Assurance project dispatch center
On average, our crews complete over 30 different projects per week and with our state-of-the-art dispatch software and scheduling, our crews finish projects better, more quickly, on time and within budget. Our crews are trained and work together as a team.


Permits for the oil tank removal project to proceed.
We start out by getting the local permits from your city, we only charge you the cost of the permits.


Markout for oil tank located in driveway
Oil tank location in driveway


Markouts for oil tank removal OilTankAssurance
Tank located in front of house — yes we will move and replant shrubs.


Utility markouts for oil tank removal by Oil Tank
We call for Utility markouts and verify their location.


Excavation of oil tank begins -
We then begin to excavate and uncover the top of the tank.


Oil tank uncovered and ready to be cut -
The tank is uncovered and is ready to be cut open.


Heating oil tank cut open
The tank is cut open. This is what is typically left in the tank (residual sludge) prior to entering, completing the oil tank cleaning. Again, all oil removal and oil tank pumping is completed by our trained staff with all our own equipment.


Oi tank being cleaned and ready for removal :
The tank is then thoroughly cleaned, ready to be inspected and removed.


Our skilled technicians removing a heating oil tank
Oil tank removal in Bergen County by our trained crews.


1,000 gallon heating oil tank removed
A 1,000 gallon tank removed in Bergen County, New Jersey.


500 gallon heating oil tank removed in Union County, NJ
A 500 gallon oil tank removal.


Oil tank removal inspection approved
The tank is typically inspected by either a fire inspector or building inspector. Another Approval for a New Jersey Oil Tank Removal!


Oil tank removal project backfill - OilTankAssurance
Backfill after a tank removal project.


Repaving after oil tank removal Oil Tank Assurance
Repaving applied after a tank removal.


Fresh concrete poured after oil tank removal
We also install fresh concrete at completion, as well.


Relax with
Lastly, by hiring Terrific Tank Services, you get peace of mind.


The team at Terrific Environmental
It all begins with a free consultation!

NJDEP Contractor Registration #13VHO1565000 and #13VH0652440