Flat Rate vs. Not To Exceed Pricing

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Flat Rate

In the simplest terms, flat rate pricing is calculated based upon years of knowing what can and can’t go wrong. No company is in business to lose money. If no possible contingencies materialize, you have overpaid for the service. What is scarier is if a company ends up with often overlooked issues. Will they simply walk away, hide something, or sweep things under the rug so to speak? All of these situations are costly, aggravating and time consuming, often occurring when you have no time to waste.


Terrific Tank Services works differently. We go over the project with you and provide options whereby you decide how you want to proceed.

Terrific Tank Services will come to your site and we will pretest your tank and soil.

• For tanks that are in use or still have a fill cap, our team will measure the amount of oil in the tank and inform you about the tank contents. We will order utility markouts and assure you that we can work without utilities over the tank which often costs more money. Based upon the results, we can now offer a not-to-exceed price.
• For tanks that have no fill cap and may have been previously abandoned. We will take soil samples from inside the tank assuring that the materials inside are inert and have no signs of contamination. We will also extract soil samples from the outside. This process allows you to know the precise NOT TO EXCEED PRICING. This will let you know if the tank was abandoned properly and you will have no surprises.
If you still choose to use Terrific Tank Services, the cost to accomplish this is waived. If you decide to hire another company or do not want to proceed with the work, we only charge you our direct costs to do the work. We also can offer you the only 100% iron clad results through our sister company, Oil Tank Assurance. We can test your tank and guarantee the results if requested.

Site remediation
At the lowest industry cost, Terrific Tank Services comes to your site and completes a delineation. We let you know complete horizontal and vertical limits of the soil contamination. Knowing the boundaries allows us to tell you exactly how much is found or if any needs to be removed.
If you still choose to use Terrific Tank Services, the cost to do this is waived from the not-to-exceed cost. If you choose to go with another company or do not proceed with the work, we will only charge you our direct costs of the delineation. This enables your complete flexibility.

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Our group of companies have completed numerous projects on a monthly basis whereas other contractors have given consumers pricing in excess of $10,000.00 to remove soil. We have documented cases where companies have told consumers 20 to 40 tons needed to be removed and in the end, NO soil needed to be removed as it was under NJDEP guidelines.

Want to find out how environmental companies scam consumers, download our booklet on scams!

NJDEP Contractor Registration #13VHO1565000 and #13VH0652440